Lessons I have Learnt from Lockdown

So welcome to another article. Broke Researcher here and in this article I'll be sharing four lessons I have learned from lockdown, lessons during this period of lockdown and self-isolation. I have realized about my life and myself and hopefully these lessons can also help you.

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Let's just dive into it the first lesson that I have learned during lockdown is that

I need to slow down.

Leading up to lockdown leading up to self-isolation I was very busy and I am sure a lot of people can relate to this. Busy in the fact that I was going 100 miles per hour all the time and this here doesn't help, like the phone does not help because I am constantly on it. I was going up to London, I was commuting up to my city a lot, I was working a lot. I had loads of ideas and my mind was busy and actually what I was struggling to do is find any time for myself in self-care. During this period, I realized I need to slow down, I need to be kind to myself. I realized that I wasn't doing my morning routine, wasn't doing my meditation that helped and I wasn't doing my journaling. I wasn't doing a lot of exercise, wasn't focusing on me, self-care and my mental health. I was just going.

Actually I have realized that I was just getting ready to crash, getting ready to burn out because of how busy I was. I have realized I need to slow down and spend more time in my family as well, which has massively helped me during this period and it's also put a lot into perspective. I have realized that the small things in life are actually stuff that we have to be extremely grateful for not the money that we're attaining, the business that we're getting, these massive goals that we've got it's important that we have them but what for me it is important realizing that small things in our life that we have to be grateful for and putting stuff into perspective has been huge for me so the first one the first lesson is I need to slow down.

People are Kind

Now this lesson isn't me saying that prior to lockdown I thought everyone was horrible, I know that people are kind but actually what this has shown me is kindness is all around us and so many people are coming together during this period and doing some amazing things in different countries as well and that togetherness.

It's really kind of shown me that people need to have a different outlook on human beings. We are kind and even though you know you might have a small minority of people that you may not fit into that category. The majority of us are kind, the majority of us want to come together, majority of us want to do good and for me this is something that we should always focus on.


Is this really a time for innovation and the people that can innovate during this period are the people that are going to do well.

Innovation doesn't just have to happen when a crisis like this is happening, I believe that we can always innovate, we can always change. Just because you might be old it doesn't mean that your life's over, there's so much that you can still do and you can still innovate and change.

Innovation, the way that I am looking at it is I have seen businesses in particular do amazing things because of this crisis. I am one of them and I think this will change the way that people shop as well. one of them is a local bakery and they started to deliver brownies these amazing brownies and my mother has been wanting to get them for a long time and we couldn't because they sell out like that, all they're doing is is delivering to a local area that's actually quite small and they sell out within minutes and finally when they launched the new box of brownies, i managed to get a box and it cost me 18 pounds. I think it was for a box they sold out in 90 seconds, they sold over 100 boxes in 90 seconds but then we had brownies delivered to our door. For me it was that was an innovation an innovation that actually opened my eyes up a little bit and I said to my mother,

  • It's amazing that I can order brownies and cakes and get them delivered to my door. 

You know as a consumer I can see that being the norm as we move forward and I believe these small businesses are realizing the potential of online services and delivery and I do hope that continues as well.

Other things that we're doing in terms of innovation, there's lots of businesses are trying to sort of make change. There's so many companies you know making um face masks during this period. I think innovating during a crisis is so important and always learning and always adapting to change is something that we can all definitely do as well.

The final lesson that I have learned during lockdown is

Adversity Equals Resilience

The tragedy that we go through, the traumatic experiences that we have I believe that with time they do lead to resilience. I look back on my life and I am not saying that my life is bad in comparison to your life maybe, I am not comparing it, but I look at the moments like losing my dad.

You know other moments as well that were traumatic, there's lots as well that I don't really openly speak about. So for me all of those moments have made me more resilient. There have been horrible traumatic experiences that at the time I would never have said that they're going to be good for me or you know everyone else involved but i think we've all learned from those traumatic experiences. So, I believe that adversity equals that resilience. 

I believe a lot of adversity that we're facing right now whether it's the fact we've lost our job whether it's the fact that we've become unwell whether it's the fact that you know we've seen all of this happening and it's really kind of having a negative impact on us. It's hard to say it now but I believe that we'll learn that this adversity can lead to resilience and I do believe that those traumatic experiences, let's not let them consume us and own us but actually let's use them as a pivotal point of our life that we can own and it's a part of us but it's also a way that we can push forward and we can become stronger from it.


So that for me is a massive lesson that I have learned as well during lockdown, so I just wanted to share this article. Four lessons I have learned during lockdown. The first one is I need to slow down, I need to be kind to myself, I need to maybe change my lifestyle, move forward to focus on my mental health and also spend more time in my family. The second one is people are kind, the amount of kindness happening right now is amazing. The third one, this is a real time for innovation & change and then the fourth one is adversity equals resilience. Don’t forget to share this article with some who might benefit from it.



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