How to be a Better Version of Yourself as a Guy

What's up guys and welcome to a new article! Your 20s are definitely the best time to build and create a life of your dreams! Mostly you will never have as much energy or even look as good as in your 20's. But as I know a lot of guys are wasting this time with mindless activities that don't get them further in life.

I have written this article to show you five things that men should do and five things they should stop in their 20s in order to become a real man and even your best version possible.

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If that sounds interesting guys? Let's hop into it!

Still Playing Video Games

Don't get me wrong guys you don't need to ban it out of your life if you really love it. But those days when you just play video games all day long and living still like you're 16 years old have to stop! In my opinion video games are just a distraction from real life. Real life is a game too and an interesting one I guess. So replace your video games with working on your goals. Make a plan what you really want and take actions in real life!

Still having a Bad Diet

So most of the guys still have a bad diet and already have some kind of a fat belly or man boobs in their 20's. Guys having a fresh and stable diet is not just a trend now, it is a lifestyle that everyone should be working on. You will feel much more motivated, more energized and also look 100 times better. So think twice before you grab some junk to eat.

Still Living at Your Parent’s Place

It is time to build your own life! So stop being carried by your parents. Own a flat and get your situation under control. Trust me being independent is one of the best feelings in the world.

Partying Every Weekend

Most people are of the thoughts that they need to attend every party, otherwise they feel like they are lacking something. And honestly I never heard something dumber than this. It’s just a wastage of time. Don't get me wrong here people. Thus, it is great attending a party or going to a club but don't make it the main purpose of your life! Instead of this look for a real purpose in your life, work on something that’ll reward you in return or will turn out to be fruitful in future! This one will lead to long-term happiness instead of short-term distractions.

Smoking Weed or Even Smoking in General

Guys you are young, so why do you want to destroy your body? You're gifted with this one life and you still want to harm your health or even die earlier? It is clearly not worthy! I request you people to value your life and take care of yourself. Replace those bad habits with habits which turn out to be helpful.

Your 20s are in my opinion the most important time, they determine over the rest of your life and as we already talked about five things every guy should stop in their 20s now is the time to talk about five things every man should do in their 20s.

Travel as Much as You Can

Take advantage of your body as long as you're young and fit. Expand your knowledge and experience by traveling the world, it is definitely one of the best things every man and woman can do. especially guys because you are more independent in your 20s because in most of the cases you don't have a family that you need to take care of.  So you're much more free to travel to any location that you want as long as it fits into your budget. For example, guys use the time after high school or college it is a perfect time to travel the world. you can also do work and travel so you can earn some money on the way. Thus, guys don't miss out on this opportunity travel the world make some experiences meet new people and your older self will definitely thank you for that time.

Try as Many Things as You Can

When you're young you're mostly only responsible for yourself so you only need to take care of yourself and don't feed for example a family and children as well. So people, take leverage of that time, try as many things as you can make some new experiences use that time guys don't be afraid to try new things. Take some risks because it is actually the best time to take it because when you're getting older it becomes much more difficult. But of course guys don't overdo it, have the consequences in your mind so I would recommend to only do calculated risk where you are aware of the worst thing that can happen to you and it won't destroy your whole life so guys be smart but still take some risk and try new things.

Find Your Passion 

Find your own path instead of the one that your friends and family recommend you. this one definitely relates to number two because as you're trying new things it becomes more likely that you find your passion as well. So guys what I would recommend you invest more time into that passion instead of going the way that your parents and friends recommend you. In today's world every passion is able to become a monetizable profession as well

So guys make the best out of your time and choose a path that makes you happy, instead of a path that you're only going to impress other people because guys always remember we only got that one life and no one knows how long it will last.

Implement a healthy lifestyle

90% of men are only adapting a healthy lifestyle when they already have some kind of diseases. As you're getting older it is also more likely that you're getting diseases or health issues as well. A healthy lifestyle can definitely prevent it. Do your research and find a diet that fits into your lifestyle? My recommendation would be to go mostly or full plant-based simply because it is in my opinion the heaviest diet that you can have.

Live Below your Meals

Don't waste your money on stupid things to impress other people instead guys save your money or start investing it. life is definitely too short to waste your money and time to impress other people so guys learn how to handle and spend money the right way. Still a huge percentage of grown-up men can do it. So it is a rare and very attractive character trait that will make you look more mature so you all should definitely implement it into your life.


Basically that's all for today's article. Those are my top 5 things that every man should stop in their 20's as well as those, guys should do. I hope I could help you on your journey and even give you some motivation as well. If you're new to my blog, please make sure to subscribe to it and become a part of the family! Thank you so much for reading.


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